What We Do

CareerCamp delivers professional training, tools and support. Customized to address the unique challenges faced by each candidate to build the soft skills and confidence in navigating the job search process. CareerCamp brings distinctive improvements in our client's job searching performance to get them hired and achieve long term success in Canada and beyond.

Core Values

Our values guide us how we interact with our clients, engage business and community. 

  • Understand and respect our students'/clients’ objectives

  • Practise highest standards with integrity and sensitivity

  • Commit to deliver excellence

  • Build trust with stakeholders for a long-term win

Our Vision

CareerCamp aspires to become a recognizable benchmark of cross-sector employment and career development service provider, and be respected by our clients and partners for our commitment to highest service quality and social responsibilities.


Who We Are

Our team of experts come from a wide range of professional backgrounds from career counselling, training & coaching, human resources to marketing and communications. We have the experience of assisting over a thousand candidates, from close to seventy cultural backgrounds, in gaining meaningful employment in various fields.

Many years of first-hand experience has provided us with the expertise and a deep understanding of the communication and cultural challenges faced by the job seekers, particularly the international students, and their seeking for either the very first job or career advancement.  

We are proud of the job search tools and techniques we have developed, together with our deep and extensive networks we have cultivated over the years, which bridge our candidates and employers.

The Founder


Bess is the Founder of CareerCamp and the President of BPS Strategies Inc. She holds an honorary diploma of Career Counsellor in Canada and worked as Employment Consultant for full-function of services with a non-profit government agency. At CareerCamp, she is the Principal Consultant and Career Counsellor. For over a decade, Bess has helped more than 1,000 job seekers with 60+ cultural backgrounds in gaining employment in a vast diversity of sectors in Canada and beyond. She has built a solid reputation for the quality of work and a highly customized and effective approach. Bess holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) designation and an MBA degree from the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. 


Meet Our Mentors

At CareerCamp, we have an extraordinary mentor team formed by some true experts of a variety of sectors in Canada. They bring to our Clients/Students invaluable expertise and guidance from the insiders' perspectives. Those successfully completed our training and coaching services and who are well prepared for the labour market can be recommended to suitable mentors for further support. 

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Marketing Expert | Real Estate Industry & Beyond

Angela is a marketing professional with 30 year of experience dominantly in the Canadian commercial real estate industry. She has focussed on managing the leasing and marketing of commercial portfolios for private and institutional owners.  Angela has established and maintained relationships with Canada’s top developers, builders, brokers and real estate executives. She has thorough knowledge and insights of the job market and rich resources in a variety of industries.


Business Analysis Expert
Finance & IT Industries

Nan is an independent consultant with 20+ years of experience in the Canadian pension fund companies, banks & IT industry. She specialized in eliciting, presenting, and managing business requirements in various areas such as investment finance & management, data management, governance and reporting, and organization change management. Nan has been a key contributor  to successful project scope management and an efficient communicator with stakeholders, leading projects, managing deliverables and driving processes. Nan has a master degree of computer science from the University of Saskatchewan and a bachelor degree of engineering from Tsinghua University.

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International students are a key driver to Canada’s future prosperity and Canada has been extremely successful recruiting students from overseas. Unfortunately, very low percentage of the international students in Canada obtained permanent residency, one of the main reasons is the challenge in finding employment.

At CareerCamp, it is our duty to change that statistic and keep the talents Canada worked so hard to recruit!