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What Does the Club Do?

CareerCamp Club is a member-based community and platform that encourage and facilitate information  exchange, provide support and resources to assist members' personal and career advancement. We aim to develop elites and leaders for the Canadian workforce  and the society. 

The Club is managed by an energetic leadership team,  together with CareerCamp, organizes online and offline professional and social events. 

Member's Benefits

  1. Receiving internal information and support for career development;

  2. Having access to all resources on the website;

  3. Building a professional network with members from a variety of sectors;

  4. Opportunity to attend small circle gatherings with mentors and the CareerCamp principal consultant;

  5. Exclusive internal events/sessions for career advancement ;

  6. Two hours one-on-one free consultation in every six months, with the CareerCamp principal consultant on any career issues you'd like to discuss;

  7. Volunteer opportunities as a speaker or participating event organization to enhance communication & leadership skills;

  8. Discount for services and discount/free admission to events....

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Who Are The Members?

  • Individuals who received services provided by CareerCamp or its Founder;

  • CareerCamp's current clients

  • International student job seekers looking for employment in Canada

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The Management Team

Each member in our management team is a passionate and successful young professional who received services from CareerCamp, deeply understands our mission and holds the same values. They are willing to give back to this community as a contributor to the success of the fellow members while building leadership skills.  



Executive Director

Tina holds a Master’s degree in Business Analytics and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Mathematics from UBC. Tina’s experience and passion are in applying data analytics to improve business operations, marketing strategies and process management.

At the CareerCamp Club,Tina is willing to continuously practise her leadership skills in advocating the mission of the Club, with other leaders, fostering a supportive and caring culture in supporting the members’ career development.



Membership Director

Emma holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Brock University. She is passionate about her job, helping government clients with their business travelling needs. Emma is certified with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO), having 4 years experience in customer service and sales, experience with Amadeus and Apollo Global Distribution System and excellent in providing cost effective and deliver travel consulting.

At the CareerCamp Club, Emma is willing to continuously practise her interpersonal,  written communication skills and leadership skills.



Membership Director

Janet graduated from McMaster University with a Master's degree in Finance. She is a Data Analyst with a Canadian environmental health and safety management company.


At the CareerCamp Club, Janet will positively maintain the membership relationship, hold online/offline events, encourage our members to share the knowledge and ideas, and ensure each member will enjoy our activities and gain knowledge regarding the job market. Meanwhile, Janet is eager to improve her communication skill and management skill during working with the members of the club.



Marketing Director

Jovi is a McMaster University graduate with a bachelor's degree in finance and a minor in Economics. Recently, Jovi has finished a contract  with an American stock transfer and trust company, experienced in administrative support for the corporate action team.


At the CareerCamp Club, Jovi is eager to practise his communication skills,  build a better understanding of the Canadian market in the process,and willing to share his experience with the club members.



Community Relations Director

Kris graduated from Bachelor of Business Administration program at Brock University. Currently, Kris is an executive assistant in a world-known telecommunication technology company. He is experienced in event planning and cross-department communication.


Kris would like to build a positive environment for the members of CareerCamp Club, improve networking skills, contribute to community.



Assistant Director

Krystal holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Brock University. She is working as a Junior Accountant at ME to WE social enterprise Inc.

At the CareerCamp Club, Krystal would like to promote a variety of skills, such as communication skills and networking skills, and aim to effectively support and assist team members for the growth of the Club.



Marketing Director

Penny holds a Bachelor’s degree in Operations Management from University of Alberta. She has experience in retail operations and interested in logistics. Currently, she is working as an export agent in a logistics company. 


At the CareerCamp Club, Penny is passionate about organizing various campaigns and events, encouraging communication among members from multi-industries to create group cohesion. While advocating the Club on social media platforms, Penny looks forward to having more people join CareerCamp Club. She is also willing to practise leadership skills and grow with the team.