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with an effective job seeking network


I would like to express my highly gratitude to you to provide me such support regarding my job search and finding an appropriate opportunity for me .... ” 


—  Riaz D.

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Our successful clients and current students/clients are connected for career & personal development, and for building a supportive network.

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  • What makes CareerCamp different from other career service providers?
    We are a job seeker-centred professional career counsellor, coach and employment consultant. Unlike other service providers, CareerCamp is not a temporary job agency or a mentorship service provider; CareerCamp can help job seekers i all sectors for different levels of positions. While others may provide service focusing on one or two industries/sectors. It's simply because we have the right education, credential, tools, and methodologies to support job seekers success; CareerCamp can help job seekers in all sectors and at different levels of positions. While in contrast, others may provide services focusing on only one or two sectors, such as Finance/Banking sector. This is simply because we have the right education, credential, tools, and methodologies to support job seekers' success; We also have a strong mentor team with experts from different sectors providing additional support. Our proud CareerCamp Club, formed by all our alumni, is a strong network to support our job searching students/clients and members for career development; With 15 years of direct experience, we have successfully helped over 1200 job seekers from approximately 70 cultural backgrounds secure meaningful jobs in Canada.
  • Could I receive a free consultation to discuss the challenges I'm experiencing with my job search and get some advice?
    Of course, we are happy to help! We offer a 60-minute free consultation to all job seekers. Please click here to book your appointment. Our service has been available online since the pandemic began in Canada.
  • I'm not sure what position I should apply for in Canada. Where should I start?
    A successful job search starts from knowing yourself and what you want. Without a clear direction, it's difficult to focus your job search. Instead of looking for external information, it's important to understand what you enjoy to do, what you're good at, and what the most important factors for you at this time. In fact, there may be hundreds of questions that deserve answers. You can search for those answers yourself, or like many job seekers, rely on professional support. Watch the video (in Chinese) to learn why career planning is so important.
  • When is the best time to consider Career Planning?
    The best time to consider career planning is when you’re confused about the right direction to take, such as choosing a program for higher education, starting a job search for an early career or considering a career change. For example, some 1st year university students have to change programs, serious career planning can be very beneficial.
  • What kind of career services are suitable for new graduates or newcomer professionals?
    At CareerCamp, we provide a 3-module prepackaged program that includes Career Planning, Job Search Training and Coaching, and Employment Consulting. These programs are highly effective and practical, and are designed mainly for new graduates and newcomer professionals who lack experience and cultural understanding in Canada. Visit our Services page for more details.
  • Can you recommend any programs/services for career development?
    Our flexible consulting services are designed particularly for experienced professionals, even including those at senior management positions, to help with career advancement. You can choose from our packages of Effective Resume Writing, Interview Enhancement, and hourly sessions, or any combination. Visit our Services page for more details.
  • What is the duration of the CareerCamp Job Search Training and Coaching program?
    The training and coaching program includes seven session, normally takes 2-3 weeks to complete, with each approximately 3.5 hours. This prepackage program can be customized based on your unique situation.
  • What could I achieve from the CareerCamp job search training?
    After the training, you will be self-sufficient for job search, with a well developed and highly customized resume. You will be ready for job interviews. Our professional training and coaching will enhance your job search skills and confidence, maximizing your chances of being interviewed and preparing you for the best possible outcome in job interviews.
  • If I take the pre-packaged services, how long will it take for me to get a job offer for my selected position?
    On average, our students receive a meaningful job offer in approximately 3 months. Quite often, the position and pay level exceed the expectations prior to the training.
  • Can you recommend me to an employer?
    Yes, we're willing to confidently recommend our well-trained and prepared candidates to suitable positions whenever possible. It happens at the Employment Consulting stage of services, after the candidate completes the training and coaching program.
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